in the grand scale of things, a website is a mere dot

and yet.. even the smallest ones manage to shine on others

placed against an ever-increasing amount of web pages created solely to drive business transactions, and platforms urging you to stay

they form constellations encouraging you to explore

older web brought many homepages that were not like any other, self-expression was integral, and the social spaces did not tailor themselves to exploit the most out of a given visitor

admittedly, this goes further than nostalgia and aesthetics, and isn't as much about copying what has already existed, but learning what went right then, and what went wrong now

small web of our days deserves to be more accessible for both visitors and hosts. it also deserves to be more kind, free of hate speech and misinformation

while some ideals were left in the past, some never really had their chance to flourish

search engines and content platforms narrow down to what we want to see, out of options that benefit them the most. this not only limits our growth, forcing us to adapt – it wrongs those willing to share a part of their soul

it's up to us to pave paths to creations deserving of your time. it's up to us to build spaces no matter how small

and in the grand scale of things, it's up to us to make these dots shine bright